DVR Hikvision DS-7104/08/16HQHI-F1/N

DVR Hikvision DS-7104/08/16HQHI-F1/N


Video Input and Transmission

l Connectable to HDTVI, AHD, HDCVI and analog cameras

l Long distance transmission over UTP and coaxial cable with max. 1200m for the 720p and max. 800m for the 1080p HDTVI signal

Compression and Recording

l One-key enable H.264+ compression to improve encoding efficiency by up to 50% and reduce data storage costs

l Up to 3 MP resolution for recording of the first channel of DS-7104HQHI-F1/N, the first 2 channels of DS-7108HQHI-F1/N, and the first 4 channels of DS-7116HQHI-F1/N

l Supports real-time 1080p lite and when enabled, the image effect is similar with 1080p